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Strategy. Content. No-Code Web Dev.


Every person who comes into contact with your business or organization is on a journey.  That journey can take them past you, to you, or through you.  Call it funnels. Call it inbound. Call it whatever you want. Creating a  customer or donor journey that goes through you is a powerful tool.

Together, we will design a  journey that can bring a person from their first introduction to what you have to offer all they way having them come back again.

Content Writing

Your website is your front door.  Professionally written, high-quality content can guide each prospective client through your digital front door and on to consider the actions you wish them to take.

From brand background stories, employee profiles, blogs, speeches and scripts; if you need it written, it pays to have it written well.

No-Code Web Development

Do you need a website but you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself?  Don’t have the budget to hire a big time web developer?

Let’s talk, and see if I can do it for you.  I work with no-code web builders within WordPress.  You might need an expensive web development company, and those places are out there.  But then again, you might just need something really nice and functional with a smaller price tag.

Candid Badger Creations

About ME

I’ve been a “facilitator” for most of my professional career.  I’ve been a Teacher, Corporate Client Trainer, Employment Consultant, and Director.  Along the way, I have been privileged to work with many incredible people, including marketing and industry experts,  who have taught me important lessons that apply to business and following your dreams.

I use what I have learned and practiced in real-world situations and strive to provide you with the content and support you need to take your small business or charity to the next level.

I specialize in helping charities plan and execute fund raising strategies.  I also work with small businesses to get their initial marketing strategies in order through a collaborative process. Along the way, I do work in a WordPress “No-Code” web development environment.

It’s your vision, I want to see it succeed.

“Tom’s passion for research and writing is evident when working together. He is both professional and fun to work with!” – Dusty Klifman / Blueyes Below